About the Organizer
The old red phone box

The old red phone box marks the race start point where generations of Special Forces candidates line up in the early morning mist to tackle the Fan. Be prepared to go straight at it from the off… The lower slopes are brutally steep and will put you straight into the red.


Look out for the tent at the top of Pen y Fan which serves as RV/checkpoint number 1 and 3.

turnaround point

Approach to checkpoint/ RV2 and turnaround point. Don't forget to check your race number in and grab a warm brew.

Jacob's ladder

Going back up the Fan via Jacob's ladder, for many the hardest part of the course.

The penultimate RV

The penultimate RV is a revisit of RV1, remember to go through the RV procedure and log in with checkpoint staff.

Corn Du

Going back down, make sure you follow the trail contouring the side of Corn Du to save unnecessary climbing.

The end is nigh, view of the Storey Arms Centre from above. (Be advised this photo is taken from the opposite side of the valley to Pen Y Fan. If you are approaching the finish from this side something has gone seriously wrong.